The following timeline presents important milestones and events in the evolutionary development of the physician assistant profession.    

The Society’s Museum Collection features artwork, artifacts and exhibitions that interpret the story of physician assistant profession.

Interviews provide invaluable overviews and details of a subject, offer fresh insights, and suggest directions for further research.

The Still Image Collection contains images created by the Society and by organizations, institutions and individuals who have gifted their collections to the Society.

The Moving Image Collection includes film and video created by various organizations, institutions and individuals and then gifted to the Society over time.

Biographies highlight the men and women who over time have contributed to the establishment, growth and development of the physician assistant profession.

The Society for the Preservation of Physician Assistant History, Inc. (PA History Society) is dedicated to the history and legacy of the physician assistant profession through the identification and collection of appropriate papers, manuscripts, magazine and newspaper clippings, newsletters, reports, dissertations, oral histories, and visual artifacts, such as films, slides, videos, photographs, and digital images.  To learn more about the Society's extensive Archive, Library and Museum (ALM) Collection, please click here.


Read the latest issue of our newsletter, Historical Happenings.


Order your copy of the History Society's new book, The Physician Assistant: An Illustrated History.


PAHx seeks to fill Board Positions for 2016:

     The PA History Society is accepting applications for the position of PAHx Trustee. This voluntary board position is a three term beginning January 1, 2016 thru December 31, 2018; a second three term is optional after completing a successful first term.  Interested candidates should email a Letter of Interest and a CV or resume to:  PAHx Nominating Committee, c/o Lori Konopka-Sauer at

     Applications will be accepted through September 1, 2015.  The PAHx Nominating Committee will review all applications and conduct telephone interviews with the finalists in September.  Per the PAHx Bylaws, the NCCPA Board of Directors must vote to approve the PAHx Nominating Committees’ recommendation during their board meeting in November.

     PAHx Board members are expected to provide leadership and vision for the organization, and have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization. The Trustees should have a genuine interest in the work and mission of the organization.  The Society’s Board is considered a ‘working board’. As such, Trustees are expected to complete a variety of tasks annually such as:  write 3 – 5 Biographies; write short articles for the quarterly newsletter; participate on 1 – 2 PAHx Committees; participate on a New Board Member Conference Call; and actively participate during the Society’s two Board meetings (generally held in the Atlanta area).  The Society covers the hotel and travel expenses for Trustees to attend the bi-annual board meetings.

     For additional information, please email and your questions and/or applications will be forwarded to the PAHx Nominating Committee Chair, Gloria Stewart, EdD, PA.


PAHx Website Guide

The PA History Society’s Illustrated PA History website and PastPerfect™ online database contains a wealth of information about the development and expansion of the PA profession overtime.  It is a valuable compendium for the teaching of professional history and issues to PA students and a primary source of information for researchers.  It is our desire that this guide will help you better navigate and find pertinent information on our website.  We want the Society’s collection to be used for literary, academic and research purposes according to the highest standards of accountability.  Please refer to the Societies Terms of Use policy for guidance. 


The Society’s collection continues to grow and new items are added regularly to the Illustrated PA History website and the PastPerfect™ database.  So visit the site frequently and read the Society’s quarterly newsletter, Historical Happenings, for updates.  Click here to access the helpful tips for navigating the website.



PAHx Educational Toolkit

The Educational Toolkit on the History and Legacy of the Physician Assistant Profession is available to PAHx Associates. The toolkit is a compendium of PowerPoint™ slides, photographs, and video clips that can be integrated into personalized lectures; a series of self-directed learning modules; a Syllabus of major themes that can be explored using the PAHx website; a textbook primer - The Physician Assistant: An Illustrated History; and the DVD - The Way We Were: A Conversation with the PA Profession’s Early Leaders. The Educational Tool Kit is a continuum of the PAHx Society’s efforts to make the history of the PA profession come alive, meaningful and inspirational for future generations of physician assistants.  PA Programs interested in becoming annual PAHx Associates, please cllick here.


"Many thanks for developing the Educational Toolkit. I incorporated it into my history of the profession lecture and it was extremely useful. The information is thorough and well organized with exceptional pictures and videos. I intend to continue to use this valuable resource and to find other areas where it can be utilized. Thank you, again!"   

Miranda M Collins MEd, MPAS, PA-C,  Program Director,  Marietta College PA Program

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